Academy Classes

Glasgow Acting Academy

At Glasgow Acting Academy, students can take part in a variety of classes; Acting Technique, Musical Theatre Technique or Production. Every class/rehearsal runs for 3 hours and is led by a tutor, fully qualified and experienced in performing.

  To book a four week free trial in any of our technique classes, fill out the booking form below.

Acting Technique

Our Acting Technique classes see workshops tailored to the students’ age range, covering a variety of drama skills, acting concepts and theories. The classes run for three hours and will see students take part in group work and individual tasks, encouraging creative thinking, team work and self-expression. The young people will develop their overall knowledge and understanding of acting for stage and screen through working with scripts and texts, devising in groups, improvisation activities, drama games and roleplays, all designed to boost their confidence and build on their performance skills, all the while having fun!

Our weekly Acting Technique classes-

Thursday   5pm-8pm-       Age 11-13
Saturday 10am-1pm-       Age 8-10
Saturday   1pm-4pm-      Age 14-18

Musical Theatre Technique

The Musical Theatre Technique classes are focused on exploring themes through varying styles of musical theatre. The young people will develop their skills in singing, dance and acting through song as well as in group choral work while being given the chance to get up and perform for their peers and tutors.

For older age groups, half of the year is spent preparing for a musical theatre showcase, performed in an external venue, in which students will have the chance to perform as part of a group or indeed, in a solo performance.

Our weekly Musical Theatre Technique classes-

Sunday 10am-1pm- Primary School Age
Sunday  1pm-4pm- Secondary School Age                      


Production classes are run as predominantly rehearsal-basedsessions every week. Students will be invited to audition for all upcomingproductions (by age group). The rehearsal will give an insight into theproduction process and the life of a working actor, with the end result of aperformance in front of an audience held in our fully functioning studiotheatre at out Bath Street premises. Productions include the Christmas Panto,Summer Musical Theatre Production as well as a host of plays put on twice ayear.

4 Week Free Trial

We offer all of our new students a 4 week free drama trial. We think it is very important that our new students are given the chance to experience what goes on here at Glasgow Acting Academy. Throughout those 4 weeks the student on trial will get to experience what goes on in a normal class. They will be treated like a regular student, although if they don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to take part, then they are more than welcome just to watch. We never ask our students to do anything that we ourselves would not.

We use the 4 week free trial as a form of auditioning the student. Sometimes we have students join us and it is really not for them. We also take this time to assess behaviour. Although it is very rare that a student is not offered a place at Glasgow Acting Academy, there are some occasions where behaviour and attitude becomes detrimental to other students learning and on those occasions we would say no to the student, but again, this is very rare.

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