Upcoming Events

Oscars 2016
This years Oscars Ceremony was the best yet! The entire night was live streamed on Facebook which was a first. The whole night can be seen on youtube. A massive congratulations to all winners and Aidan McPhelim for winning the overall Oscar. We'd like to thank everyone who came along. It really was a brilliant night for all students and staff.

Post Mortem
Post Mortem is the story of John Cavan is a young English soldier, the son of a London editor, fighting in the trenches in 1917. He argues with his fellow soldier Perry Lomas, who believes John's father's newspaper is guilty of glorifying the war. At the end of the scene John is mortally wounded by enemy fire. The following six scenes take place in 1930 back in England, as John's ghost encounters friends, family, and his girlfriend Monica, and discovers what the war has meant to them - not a great deal, as it turns out. Finally, we return to 1917, and the scene of John's death. Our senior students really pushed themselves creatively in this tough acting piece.