Upcoming Events

Fugee is a hard hitting play about young refugees living in the UK and story behind the hardship they have faced in their past and present. The auditions for this play will be held on Friday 18th August 5pm-7pm and is suitable for ages 14-18 to take part. To book a slot in the audition call 0141 127 7140 or email info@glasgowactingacademy.org.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Audition
Due to the massive success of James and the Giant Peach, GAA will be doing a Roald Dahl classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This play is for ages 10-13. Auditions will be held on Thursday 17th August. 5pm-8pm. Rehearsals will take place on a Tuesday night. The show will be performed in February 2018. To participate in the audition please call 0141 237 7140 or email info@glasgowactingacademy.org.